Group Project

The past week has proven to be an interesting one for me. With the deadline for the group project originally set for the day back from fall break, me and my group scrambled to meet up twice over break to hammer out the details.  aside from the technology lab stonewalling us, we had a few productive meetings.  Since we decided on a print ad, it became inevitable that someone was going to have to do some photo editing, and since I was the only one with photoshop experience, that task fell to me.  Outside of a few car photos that I’ve edited, I’m pretty much an amateur at photoshop, but within an hour on the add I had my bearings back and was able to knock out what my group members feel is a solid piece of work.  Hopefully you guys as a class feel the same as well.  Overall I have about 4.5 hours in the add, and am going to go back and nit pick it some more to ensure that I have designed what should replicate an add from the 1950’s quite well.

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