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And For My FINAL Project. . .

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

For my final attempt to polish the timeline, I linked relevant posts together! By making ten main categories, I brought together interesting/popular topics and tied them together with links below the information and above the source citations.

I started by searching for keywords in the “all posts” field (thanks for the tip Christine), and gathered them all in a word document.  I then went to each of the posts and edited them with the links to other relevant posts.  The entire process took more time than I had anticipated, mostly because I took on the idea without thinking about how deep it could get.  Initially I was looking at adding around 100+ links, but with my final organization, I cut it down to a logical 56.

Of course, I had to throw in the iPhone vs. Android for one of the topics! Here’s the breakdown. . .

Preliminary Final Project Post

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

So I find myself working diligently on this final project that I’m discovering is going to put me in the dirt.  I decided to take on the daunting task of linking relevant posts on the timeline, completely missing the fact that more or less, THEY CAN ALL BE LINKED IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER! What a discovery.  So here’s to sleepless nights until Wednesday night while I try and figure out how many links are too many links, or a way to narrow down just what constitutes enough relevancy for linking two or more together.


Edit: I’ve finally figured it out.  In my mess of organization, I’ve picked out ten major topics and decided to focus on linking events within these ten topics.  This should clean up my project and give it a bit of organization among the 200+ events.

Final Project Selection

Monday, December 5th, 2011

This week we had to hammer out what it was exactly we were going to finish the semester up with by making a decision on how to improve upon the timeline.  While initially I was undecided on what steps to take, me and Dr. McClurken agreed that I would run through each and every timeline event and link relevant entries to one another.  For instance, I would obviously link the first wireless telephone call by means of the photophone with the first cell phone call.  These could also possibly be linked to the first wireless radio transmission.  This initially seemed like a relatively easy task, but I underestimated the sheer number of entries on the timeline.  It will prove to be a challenge, but hopefully one worthy of the current timeline standards. My next post will include all of my linked entries, along with an overview of the plights I faced while making this modification.