Better Late Than Never?

September 18th, 2011

So, while winding down my weekend of crazy children and weddings, I remembered that I hadn’t posted my blog yet! For the upcoming solo project, I’ve decided to discuss the uses and barriers of using the Photophone, first used by Alexander G. Bell on April, 1880.  The photophone uses sunlight, then, with a thin mirror which flexes as the sound waves from your voice hit the back of it, it transmits the light waves to a receiver which then reconvert the light waves to sound waves.  This is considered the first wireless telephone call and a precursor to modern fiberoptics, which use light to transmit information in much the same fashion.

My only barrier to information at this point is the fact that the photophone was a short lived project.  Fog, clouds, and snow all played a part in disrupting the signal from the photophone, and since cabled telephones became all the rage just a few years later, little was written about the device.  I have found the four patents filed for the photophone, along with some era specific illustrations demonstrating the use of the photophone. There are also a few secondary sources in the form of scholarly books available on google books. I do feel comfortable that with the number of sources I have, I should be able to produce a 500 word project without a hitch.

Hey Folks

September 1st, 2011

My name is Anthony Hahn and I’m a senior pre-law history major who transfered from ODU last year. I moved back here to my home on Lake Anna where my parents have lived for 14 years after the birth of my son, Koen, who is now 15 months old. I have full custody of him currently and I work full time at Best Buy along with this so I stay busy.

Most of you will recognize me as the guy who rides his longboard to class. I also ride BMX and snowboard when in season. My newest toy at the moment is my new seadoo xp jet ski. Obviously I also have a love for technology. Ive worked at Best Buy for 5 years now, and am currently typing this blog on my HP Touchpad which is rooted and in the next day or so will be running android OS 2.2. My phone of choice is the iPhone 4, jailbroken, and running windows os7. Quite the contradiction.

With this, it is easy to see why I’m taking History of the Information Age. I love technology, and would appreciate learning more about the origins of how technology evolved exponentially along with the spread of information.  Hopefully we all have fun this semester and build some awesome friendships.