What Does P.T. Barnum Have In Common With UMW Students?

In the readings for yesterday’s class, I loved how P.T. Barnum went above and beyond the social standard for advertising with outlandish and sometimes down right strange ways to advertise his shows and exhibits.  These ranged from self sabotage with letters to local newspapers debunking his exhibits to a man on the streets of New York city, shuttling bricks to different street corners on the same block, all while maintaining utter silence and entering Barnum’s museum at pre-determined times to draw curious onlookers.

In response to a comment made in class about a form of advertising seen in Secobeck a few years back involving paper bags, today, I saw another memorable form of advertising just outside of Monroe.  There were numerous blue flags placed in all of the bushes outside begging the lucky flag prospector to bring said flag to a predetermined place at a predetermined time.  Like Barnum, the creator of these mystery flags kept the details short, creating curiosity and tempting the discoverer to come and see what might be found at the given place, much like the curious onlookers who stumbled upon the brick shuttler in New York.   Seems like the groundbreaking advertising styles Barnum created still live on in small ways today.  No bearded women, just UMW students.

P.T. Barnum’s Bearded Lady

Image Source: http://women-health-info.com/162-Hirsutism-Esau-Woman.html

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