Documentary Group Blog Post

So the documentaries are finally finished, and with their completion some hard lessons have been learned.  Probably the single hardest challenge may have been getting all four people together at once with most of us having other full time jobs or engagements. The print add was an assignment that we were able to collaborate about without actually having to meet for, but in order to get all the pieces of the documentary together it was pivotal that we were all together at one time.  Another issue that we ran into and one that changed my mind about windows live movie maker was formatting differences.  Evidently windows LIVE movie maker was dumbed down to make creating a film easy for even an infant, and in doing so the new iteration of movie maker lost a lot of its key features.  for instance, adding music along with a voice over is impossible with windows LIVE movie maker, and even recording a voice over is disabled.  To overcome this and many other frustrations, I downloaded windows movie maker 2.6 for windows XP and finished up the documentary on there, adding the music that can be heard throughout the video as a layer over the “finished”product created with LIVE movie maker.

Overall the documentary was a solid success.  With more time and movie editing knowledge, more of our creative ideas could have come into play.  Originally I wanted this video to be Bill Nye the Science Guy-like, with cut shots and quips that were seemingly irrelevant but played into the overall comedy of the clip.  We negated this idea for lack of time and creative resources.  But I do thank the class and Dr. McClurken for the ability to do such a creative and unbelievably challenging project.  They all came out with a certain creative flair. Luckily this week is Thanksgiving break and will allow us to take one last deep breath before heading into the last few weeks of the semester.

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